Bingo Supplies Free Shipping Options

If you are going to buy some online bingo supplies free shipping would be a real saver, however do not rush to complete your order just because there is a sign somewhere on that site that says “we are shipping for free” or something along those lines, but no less attractive. Today lots and lots of bingo suppliers sell online and that means that there is a good competition going, which also means that customers have a lot of deals to choose from.

In most cases online stores will offer free shipping on orders more than a certain sum, and that sum is generally fifty bucks and more. If you need to buy 3 bingo daubers free shipping isn’t something that you can count on nor it is something that will really make any difference for you, whatsoever. Free shipping works for the guys who order tons of supplies totalling up to several hundred of dollars. Another thing is what sort of shipping is offered for free. If it isn’t one of the major postal services or the terms aren’t specified, then you probably would be better off with paying that flat or whatever shipping rate. You need to be able to get it within a set number of days and track your package – if the service they offer for free do not presuppose online tracking then it is also something you wouldn’t benefit from.

And do not forget that shipping isn’t the only thing you can get for free from a serious supplier. Do not hesitate to ask for some bonus products, such as free bingo cards, party supplies and favors, etc. Also, if you are semi-regular client you can easily ask for a good discount deal.